Site Promotion – When Banners Can Be Better Than Using Pay Per Clicks For Traffic

Once everyone starts using a technique, its effectiveness becomes greatly compromised. That’s what happened with banners. However, over the years, there has been a massive campaign against banners. But there are a few savvy marketers who have found a way of making them work like magic. In fact, if you know what you’re doing, they can give you a better return on investment than the major pay per click search engines.

Here are a few things that can make you get a better return on investment from banner advertising than PPC’s…

1) You pay a flat rate per impression so it’s up to you to pump up your click-through rate. If you know how to increase your click-throughs, you still spend the same amount. That’s to your advantage.

2) You don’t have the restrictions that PPC’s like AdWords impose. You can link straight to a name squeeze page for example.

3) If you buy ads only on pages that are closely related to your site’s theme, you can get results that will turn you a good return on investment.

4) Banners can be dirt cheap. This can make up for its low click-through rate.

5) There are certain keywords that do not just have enough search volumes. If you buy banners from related sites you can literally get as much traffic as your creativity will allow.

6) You build your brand with relative ease.

7) You don’t have the skill, tools or time to manage your PPC campaign effectively.

If you use a lot of innovation when designing your banners you can get very interesting results. The more captivating they are, the more your click-through rates.

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